In universal history, the wars and books of Scandinavia are as if they had never existed; everything remains isolated and without a trace, as if it had come to pass in a dream or in the crystal balls where clairvoyants gaze. In the twelfth century, the Icelanders discovered the novel-the art of Flaubert, the Norman-and this discovery is as secret and sterile, for the economy of the world, as their discovery of America.

Jorge Luis Borges

Conceived and organised by Iperborea, I Boreali is an Italian festival dedicated to Northern European culture. Since 2015 the festival has brought to Milan and to other cities around Italy the big names and most original figures of Nordic culture, from literature to cinema to music to public affairs, offering a platform for debating the great themes of contemporary life and promoting the encounter between different European cultures.

Now in its sixth edition, the festival has organised more than 150 events in 20 different venues, collaborated with 80 partners and hosted 140 guests, most of whom from Northern Europe. In 2020, too, I Boreali will be held at the prestigious Franco Parenti Theatre in Milan from February 27 to the 1st of March: four days in the company of writers, intellectuals, artists, film directors, musicians, booksellers, academics, for a number of workshops, readings, shows, screenings, concerts, classes and much more…

After the success of the first edition, in 2016 the festival changed format and «spread out» outside of Milan, bringing guests and events in other major Italian (though not only) cities: Turin, Venice, Genoa, Trento, Rovereto, Florence, Udin, Cagliari, Bologna, Matera, Cernobbio and Lugano. At every stage, it was met with enthusiasm and public participation. In 2020 the festival will reach new cities and prestigious venues.